Major Attacks Leave Campaign

John Major has hit out at the leave campaign. Former Prime Minister John Major has hit out at the deciet of the leave campaign as Boris Johnson defends the campaign on the Andrew Marr show.

Well it’s getting all heated up in this campaign and they are throwing accusations and using strong language. Somebody is lying in this campaign and I expect that it’s the remain campaign.

I’m sick of ex Prime Ministers putting their 2 cents in to every debate that goes on. I’m even more sick of Tony Blair showing his face when ever he think it will get him the lime light.

However this is about Major…

Does he think that people actually listen to him. He really is one of the dullest people in Politics and he only lasted a Parliament. At the end of the day he is only of the most pointless Prime Ministers in History.

Granted somebody is lying and I think the remain campaign. Let’s face it some of the crap they’ve come out with is seriously stupid. Nobody can believe it.

However Major has blamed the Exit side of lying. Makes you laugh doesn’t it.

John Major has attacked the leave campaign for their lies. Well maybe John Major should just shut up.


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