Mike Ashley Appear In front Of Parliament

Mike Ashley has admitted that Sports Direct pays some staff less than minimum wage. Sports Direct Founder Mike Ashley has admitted that workers at it’s Derbyshire Warehouse were paid below minimum wage and a policy of fining people for turning up to work was unacceptable.

Well this lead up story has really been a battle of egos and Ashley was the man who lost. The worst thing for Ashley is that he has made himself less popular than he was in the past and he is hated in Newcastle.

This whole warehouse thing was brought up by the BBC.

So there has to be a point at some point where we need to admit and accept the fact that somebody in business was going to exploit it’s workers, let’s face it if you have as lot of Eastern Europeans working for you then you can get away with it more with out Eastern Europeans knowing your doing wrong.

Ashley is a piece of shit so I expect him to be one of those people who would do this.

Ashley has shown Parliament nothing but contempt through out this whole process. The thing is he should have gone when he was first summoned and then he should have treated them with respect.

Look at the first few answer no respect.

Mike Ashley has appeared in front of Parliament. The whole thing really just does show you how much of a twat he is.



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