Dominic Chappell Accused Of Being A Liar

The former owner of BHS has been branded a liar. Dominic Chappell has been accused of being a liar who had his ‘Fingers In The Tills’ by top managers of the Company.

Well it’s not really a good week for the big boys in retail. Ashley looks like a dick and Chappell has just been called a Liar.

So I get the feeling that the country is going to be after blood because let’s face it BHS were an insitution with in Britain. It sounds a bit of cliche but everybody has shopped in one of their stores.

But let’s look at what was leveled at Chappell.  The man is a liar and a thief.

Well that is a pretty damning names to throw at somebody.especially as this man is a owner of a big company. I’ve heard the same being leveled at Chappell by members of the public. It really looks like he was doing something dodgy  such as Asset Stripping.

It would be damning for anybody in big business to be called dodgy by everybody and their dog.

Dominic Chappell has been described as a liar by chiefs in the company. Well they are some very damning words from the people in your employ.


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