No Link Between Islamic State And Orlando Shooter

There are no links between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Barack Obama has said that there is no clear evidence between the man who shot up a Gay Club in Orlando and Islamic State.

It feels like every time there is a horrific mass killing or suicide attack we seem to have a Muslim at the center of it. Granted Charlestown was done by a White Nazi but the rest seems to be Muslims.

So we have another terrible mass murder and there are no words to describe this. 50 people were killed because of their sexuality and let’s face it there really was no need for it. The thing is crazy people are going to crazy things.

People out there are acting like the only reason this has happened is because this man was Homophobic. Well yes he was Homophobic but at the end of the day so is Islam. You can paint it all you want but Islam is a Homophobic religion. This was a Muslim who has been inspired by a crazy sect of Islam to kill people.

Then let’s go to this no link…

No there is no big link to between this man and Islamic State however he was inspired by Islamic State. Yes he was probably a nut case but he did use Islamic State as an inspiration for this attack.

No there is no link but he was inspired by these people.

Barack Obama has said there is no link between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Yes there is no link but this man has been inspired by these people



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