BBC Shows Great Debate

The biggest EU debate took place in Wembley Arena. The biggest live debate on the EU referendum took place in Wembley Arena infront of 6,000 people.

I’m sorry to the BBC because I know it was their debate but this really was a big damp squib. It was a little bit rubbish. The thing is all of these debate have been a bit rubbish really. The Electoral Commission and the TV Broadcasters really need to step their game up in this whole thing.

Seriously a rubbish piece of TV.

We got the same arguments that we got over the last few week and we’ve heard it all before. They need to spice this up and they didn’t. The idea of having 4 or 5 debates on the same subject when everybody is talking about it is pointless.

When we had the Leader debates in 2010 it was fresh because there needed to be a debate between the big three. The thing is we don’t need any Tom, Dick and Harry to tell us why we should stay in our out.

Hell we have got Facebook for that…

The BBC had the final big debate on the EU referendum. Well to be honest it was rubbish and boring and we really didn’t need it.


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