Gove To Run For Conservative Leadership Race

Michael Gove declared himself for the leadership race for The Conservatives. Michael Gove has said that he has chosen to run for leadership for the Conservative Party after deciding that Boris Johnson was not capable of uniting the party or the country.

Stabbed him in the front, Stabbed him in the back or did they make a deal where Gove gets the big job and Johnson get a massive role in a Gove Government.

What ever the story was Gove has been pretty scathing of Johnson….

To say that Johnson isn’t up for the leadership are pretty harsh words from Gove. What ever you think about Johnson, you’ve got to admit that in the past he has been very popular and could have got a Government together.

He could have but not now, I think the whole EU debate has destroyed him and his reputation.

Will go be any better….

He’s less popular than Johnson. The teachers hate him and he’s seen as a very divisive figure to the country. He may be able to bring the party together but there is no chance that he would be able to bring the country together.

Michael Gove has declared himself for the Conservative Leadership Race. Well he isn’t going to get it, he’s not very popular is he?


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