Cameron And Obama Launch Joint Anti-Terror Push

America and Britain have launched a push on the anti-terror. Both Cameron and Obama have launched an anti-terror push where they will share expertise on preventing Radicalism and tackling Domestic ‘violent Extremism’

So we’re going to have a push on Anti-Terrorism. At this point I would like to ask what does that actually mean and why are we doing this push?

I thought we had been at War with Terrorism. I thought we had been at war since the attack on New York in 2011. What exactly this is push actually mean?

To be honest it’s just a Fancy term.

Has France been the cause of this new Push?

I really do think it is. I think an attack on a magazine really did make people think that anything is possible. We didn’t really think a magazine would be attacked because it was not a major business center and it had nothing to do with infrastructure.

The next question is it a good thing?

Sharing information is always good if it gets the results we want other wise it will fall flat on it’s face. Then there is the problem with it being abused.

Yes I think people will abuse this, look at a couple of years ago when America was snooping on people with out permission.

Both Britain and America launch a new push on Terror. It will be interesting to see what that will actually turn in to.


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