Turkish PM Denounces Activities Of Army

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced actions by the Turkish Army. The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Illegal action by a Military Group with bridged in Istanbul Closed and Air Craft in the Capital Anakra flying low.

And shit is about to kid off in Turkey and it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Firstly there are people in Turkey who have claimed that this is not a Military Coup but if you’re looking from the outside in on this situation it really does look like one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the army try to take control.

This time, unlike Egypt, I don’t think the people are going to stand in their way and they’ll be able to gain power and hand it back to the people pretty easy and bloodless.

I’m not surprised they are are taking over. The Turkish Government has slowly being turning in to a Dictatorship and if you read this blog, you will know that I believe that Turkish have been killing it own people to get more support from the International Community.

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced the actions of the army. I honestly think that their is a military Coup on the Horizon.


Murray Wins Wimbledon

Murray has won Wimbledon. Andy Murray has won the Wimbledon Grand Slam for the second time.

And suddenly everybody is British to celebrate Andy Murray again. It’s rather pathetic.

Personally I couldn’t care less about Murray and this whole Tennis Tournament. I find it boring.

Also I don’t like Murray, I find him boring and a sore looser.

That It.

Andy Murray has won Wimbledon. Meh

Police Investigate Right Wing Links To Jo Cox Murderer

The Police are investigating a Far Right link to the murder of Jo Cox.  Police investigating the murder of MP Jo Cox said they are prioritizing inquiries in possible links between the suspect of this crime and far right extremist groups.

So this horrific crime seems to have a lot of layers to it and the more they peal away the layers of this story the worst this story gets.

Firstly I don’t think that a lot of this out pouring of emotions is genuine. I really do think that people are doing this because they feel like it’s the right thing to do. You see a lot of normal people pretending to care on social media now it has gone in front of the camera.

The suspect in this story seems to be a nasty racist. Well to be honest I’m not surprised at this. This is an area where racism is alive and kicking. There are a lot of racist people in the area but there are a lot of ethnic minorities in the area as well.

But let’s not write off that the fact that he was mentally ill. To go out and kill people you have to be mentally ill. I personally think that a mental illness is mainly to blame for this.

Police are looking in to links of right wing extremism in the murder of Jo Cox. Well it looks like the case is going to take a very dark turn in the story.

Russia Maybe Kicked Out Of Euros

Russia may be kicked out of the Euro 2016 competition. Russia will be thrown out the of Euro 2016 football competition if they fans cause more trouble say Europeans Football Governing body UEFA.

Russia maybe disqualified, even though they should be straight up disqualified right at this moment but no they may get disqualified.

Double Standards with in UEFA.

So the Russia fans have come from Russia to France  not to watch Football but to fight English people. Yes they have come over to fight English people. Why? Because the fight is as important as the games of Football themselves.

You can’t make that up can you?

The fact that this is known and the Russians haven’t stopped their people from doing this they should be kicked out just for that but no they get a slap on the wrist.

If this was English people who were doing this then we would get booted out. No if, no buts, no maybes. We would be out on our ears and no questions asked.

This really does show the double standards against the English when it comes to football.

The Russian have been given a suspended disqualification after their fans rioted in France. Well I think they should be kicked out because these were pre-planned.

No Link Between Islamic State And Orlando Shooter

There are no links between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Barack Obama has said that there is no clear evidence between the man who shot up a Gay Club in Orlando and Islamic State.

It feels like every time there is a horrific mass killing or suicide attack we seem to have a Muslim at the center of it. Granted Charlestown was done by a White Nazi but the rest seems to be Muslims.

So we have another terrible mass murder and there are no words to describe this. 50 people were killed because of their sexuality and let’s face it there really was no need for it. The thing is crazy people are going to crazy things.

People out there are acting like the only reason this has happened is because this man was Homophobic. Well yes he was Homophobic but at the end of the day so is Islam. You can paint it all you want but Islam is a Homophobic religion. This was a Muslim who has been inspired by a crazy sect of Islam to kill people.

Then let’s go to this no link…

No there is no big link to between this man and Islamic State however he was inspired by Islamic State. Yes he was probably a nut case but he did use Islamic State as an inspiration for this attack.

No there is no link but he was inspired by these people.

Barack Obama has said there is no link between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Yes there is no link but this man has been inspired by these people


Thousands of people lined the route of Muhammad Ali’s Farewell Procession.Thousands of people lined the route of the farewell procession of boxing legend Muhammad Ali in the US state of Kentucky.

Well today I think had the funeral for most famous and most influential people we lost this year. We truly had the funeral for a legend today.

Even if you had never met him, he was a person who had an influence on the world around. There are a few people that could claim that and for that claim to be true. That just proves how much of a best he was.

And that is just shown with the amount of people who turned up to see his funeral parade.

Thousands of people wanted him go because they liked him so much. Thousands of people who wanted to pay their respects to a legend.

When you hear stories about the man all you hear was good things about him. All hear about was how nice he was. That was it, he was probably one of the nicest people in the 20th century and that is not an over exaggeration.

Thousands of people lined the route of the Muhammad Ali’s funeral parade. It just shows you how much he was loved by people.

British Man Sentenced To 22 Life Sentences

A Pedophile has been given 22 life sentences.  A British man has been giving 22 life sentences after he was found guilty of Sexual Abuse against children in Malaysia aged between six months and 12 years.

Well thankfully this sick fucker will never get out of prison and rightfully he never will.

On this subject I actually think that he will end up in a body bag with in less than 2 years. I truly do believe that somebody will kick the man to death.

It’s amazing that this person presented him as a Christian. When the Catholic Church has a problem with priest raping kids there should be surprised that another christian is raping children.

However this is not the best advert for Christianity really.

The man was sick. He used the internet to brag about how easy he found it to rape children. He has also written a manual on the subject. Truly this man is a sick bastard.

I really don’t think you can say how sick in the head this man was. Honestly I think he was worse than Ian Watkins.

A British Man has been found guilty of Sexual Abuse against Children. Well he will never get out of Prison and will probably be killed by other inmates.