Keith Vaz Critises Home Office Over Sex Abuse Files Loss

The Home Office has lost files on sex abuse on an ‘industrial scale’. Labour MP Keith Vaz has criticized has criticized the Home Office for the loss where 114 files have gone missing.

Well, well this not good for the Home Office and this couldn’t come at any worse time for them.

In the last 2 weeks I think, we’ve had Rolf Harris done for Child Abuse and we find out that Jimmy Saville had raped corpses. Some of the sickest thing you hear and then we find out that the Home Office has lost files on sex abuse.

It could be worse…actually on this subject this has to be the worst news possible.

Now you have to wonder who’s names were on those files. When you hear that people were making jokes about Saville and the fact that Saville was Thatchers favourite you have to ask was Savilles name in those files? It would be embarrassing if info about Saville came out and it was damning towards the Government and the Home Office at the time.

The Government has all ready ruled out a inquiry on the subject. I’m actually quite happy to hear this if I’m being honest. It seems like that every time somebody opens a can in Whitehall and leaves the lid on the working surface. When I say there are too many inquiries there are too many inquires.

Again this is the Labour Party’s another attempt at gaining points on the election chase. They must be so desperate to get every point they can they have to go for the Home Office and Thatchers Government. Shame they can’t find anything to attack them on in the modern day even though the cabinet had a major bust up 2 months ago.

This is going to be one of those it’s going to get worse than it’s going get better stories. The Home Office has really messed up here it’s not going to help the country in it’s faer over pedophilia.


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