May Wins First Round Of Conservative Leadership Rce

Theresa May has won the first round in the Conservative Leadership Race.  Home Secretary Theresa May has won the first round of The Conservative Leadership Race which would make the winner the next Prime Minister.

The fact that The Conservatives have started the process of electing a new leader and have a clear front runner in this competition just show how much the party has their shit together compared to the Labour Party who have been bickering with each other for more than a week now.

I’ve got to admit that I didn’t want May to be leader of the Conservatives and I wanted Stephen Crabb but I’m not a member of the party so I don’t get a vote in the competition.

However May will be probably the best person to lead the party in the future if she keeps on the path Brexit as the people want. Why do I think she will be a strong leader…

Well… She has been at the home office for long enough and I think she has beaten any other Home Secretary and that is a miracle in itself.

Theresa May has won the first round in the race of the next Prime Minister. Even though it’s not my first I think it will probably the best option.



Britain Doesn’t Need A Brexit Prime Minister According To May

Britain doesn’t need a Brexit Prime Minister. Theresa May has rejected claims that the next leader of the Conservatives should have been  member of the leave campaign.

So May has set up her media stall in her campaign for her to get the job of Prime Minister but you know what she has done is showed people that she may not be totally behind the Brexit campaign.

She had been quiet through out the campaign and now she has let her hand slip and we can see what side she has taken in this debate.

I’ll put this out there now. I don’t trust May on the subject of the Referendum and the negotiations to get us out of Europe.

I also disagree with the fact that we don’t need a Brexit leader as Prime Minister. I think that is what we need for sure. I don’t trust a Remainer to help us ger out of the EU. I expect a remainer to stab the British people in the back and put us further in to Europe.

I actually expect May to do that and I that’s why I want Gove as Prime Minister.

May has rejected claims that the next Prime Minister should be a Brexiter. Well I think that is what we need for sure.

Osborne Abandons 2020 Budget Surplus Plan

Osbourne will drop his Budget Surplus Target. George Osborne has said that he has abandoned his target restore the Government finances to a surplus by 2020.

Somehow I really don’t think that these scare tactics by the remain camp will work now. Especially as the people have voted to leave a week ago. I also think that these tactics to make people feel regretful for choosing the leave is going to work.

And this is what he’s trying to do. He forcing people to regret picking the common sense choice. Is the Government’s plan to make people regret what they have done so they go back to the polls and vote remain. If that is so then it’s very dirty and underhanded.

And he blames the referendum. It isn’t the referendum’s fault and it isn’t the brexit camps fault. If it is anybody’s fault then it’s the Government’s fault for not hving  plan if we did leave the European Union. They had months to plan for this and it looks like they actually didn’t have a plan.

They probably didn’t have a plan just to add to their project fear plans.

George Osborne has said that the Government will not be able to work towards a budget surplus by 2020. Well that sounds like a massive part of project fear.

Gove To Run For Conservative Leadership Race

Michael Gove declared himself for the leadership race for The Conservatives. Michael Gove has said that he has chosen to run for leadership for the Conservative Party after deciding that Boris Johnson was not capable of uniting the party or the country.

Stabbed him in the front, Stabbed him in the back or did they make a deal where Gove gets the big job and Johnson get a massive role in a Gove Government.

What ever the story was Gove has been pretty scathing of Johnson….

To say that Johnson isn’t up for the leadership are pretty harsh words from Gove. What ever you think about Johnson, you’ve got to admit that in the past he has been very popular and could have got a Government together.

He could have but not now, I think the whole EU debate has destroyed him and his reputation.

Will go be any better….

He’s less popular than Johnson. The teachers hate him and he’s seen as a very divisive figure to the country. He may be able to bring the party together but there is no chance that he would be able to bring the country together.

Michael Gove has declared himself for the Conservative Leadership Race. Well he isn’t going to get it, he’s not very popular is he?

Angela Eagle To Mount Leadership Challenge

Angela Eagles will challenge Corbyn for the leadership of Labour. The BBC has been told that Angela Eagle has said that she will challenge Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the party.

Well it just get better for the Labour Party doesn’t it. They are in a total mess and one of the worst MPs in their ranks is trying to get her way in the top spot.

I think I said this yesterday but I do believe that he should step down for the good of the Labour Party. Yes he has the mandate from the Grassroots but he is alienating swing voters who are going to go to UKIP or even the Lib Dems.

It’s not good for Labour no matter which way he goes.

At least there is somebody out there to take on the Corbyn challenge but dear god why is Angela Eagle.

If you thought Corbyn was bad then you have something fun to look forward to. Eagle has nothing about her. Even her voice is Terrible and she shouldn’t even be an MP.  If she does get in then Labour are even more fucked then before.

Angela Eagle will mount a leadership challenge for the Labour Party. Well Labour are truly fucked aren’t they.

Labour MPS Have No Confidence In Corbyn

Labour MPs have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. A Motions of no Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn has been passed by the MPs of the Labour Party.

You really couldn’t make up what has happened since Thursday. Even though it has been exciting to watch from a observers view. It really has been crazy if you think about it.

Everyone is pulling in each direction and it’s just strange to watch but let’s just talk about Labour cos Labour have gone down a road of self-destruction.

Hilary Benn got the sack and no the knifes are out for Corbyn and they have stabbed him in the back and the front and the side. It really is like Cesar in the Senate. It’s that bad.

What is Corbyn doing?… he’s holding on for dear life.

I’m not Labour fan as this blog has shown but even I think he needs to go for the good of the party. He’s dragging them down a path to nowhere, no where good at all. The man is political suicide.

Yes the Grassroots elected him but he need to go. The Grassroots fucked up majorly here and the Parliamentary Party need to turn it around. For the sake of the party they PLP need to ignore the Grassroot members.

The Labour Party has no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. I think it’s time for him to step down.


Jeremy Corbyn will fight for his leadership. Jeremy Corbyn will fight any leadership election and reshape his shadow cabinet over the next 24 hours, the labour leader said.

Well at least he will stand and fight for something because lets face it those innocent people in Syria were not enough to fight for.

So this is all to do with the fall out from Friday. The fact that we have left the EU has caused Corbyn to fight for his leadership. I honestly didn’t expect this one to happen. Seriously this one is a shocker to me.

So people have started to fall out with Corbyn. Well it’s taken them long enough hasn’t it. They could have booted him out after the Trident debacle.

But not what has caused it the sacking of Hilary Benn.

Benn got sacked last night and then Corbyn’s own cabinet turned against him. Well I think that is just swell. Benn is more popular than Corbyn in the House Of Commons. Then the whole of the Shadow Cabinet resigns in protest.

I bet that is something Corbyn regrets doing now, sacking Hilary Benn.


Jeremy Corbyn has said that he will fight for his leadership of the Labour Party. Give it up Jeremy you’re a dead man walking.