Sanders Tries to Calm Down Supporters

Bernie Sander seeks to unite the Democrat Party. On the first day of the Democratic Convention Bernie Sanders seek to calm his angry supporters during raucous scenes in Philadelphia.

Left Wing Politics in Britain and America really is in a state of shit right now and it is all due to old men on the far left of the Political Spectrum. They really have become a laughing stock.

There really is a point you look at Sanders voters and think what the hell are you thinking. They really need to grow up on this subject. There was no chance in hell that Sanders was going to beat Clinton because Clinton has a larger appeal to the nation than Sanders.

I really don’t think that Sanders should trying to calm down his followers. He should be telling them to shut up and deal with the fact that they lost. Clinton has got the nomination and you can’t change that.

The thing is that we have seen this kind of behavior in the UK. It just shows how crap far left Politics in the world has become.

Sanders is trying to calm down his supporters and the Democratic Convention.  He should be telling them to shut the fuck up.


No Link Between Islamic State And Orlando Shooter

There are no links between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Barack Obama has said that there is no clear evidence between the man who shot up a Gay Club in Orlando and Islamic State.

It feels like every time there is a horrific mass killing or suicide attack we seem to have a Muslim at the center of it. Granted Charlestown was done by a White Nazi but the rest seems to be Muslims.

So we have another terrible mass murder and there are no words to describe this. 50 people were killed because of their sexuality and let’s face it there really was no need for it. The thing is crazy people are going to crazy things.

People out there are acting like the only reason this has happened is because this man was Homophobic. Well yes he was Homophobic but at the end of the day so is Islam. You can paint it all you want but Islam is a Homophobic religion. This was a Muslim who has been inspired by a crazy sect of Islam to kill people.

Then let’s go to this no link…

No there is no big link to between this man and Islamic State however he was inspired by Islamic State. Yes he was probably a nut case but he did use Islamic State as an inspiration for this attack.

No there is no link but he was inspired by these people.

Barack Obama has said there is no link between Islamic State and the Orlando Shooter. Yes there is no link but this man has been inspired by these people


Thousands of people lined the route of Muhammad Ali’s Farewell Procession.Thousands of people lined the route of the farewell procession of boxing legend Muhammad Ali in the US state of Kentucky.

Well today I think had the funeral for most famous and most influential people we lost this year. We truly had the funeral for a legend today.

Even if you had never met him, he was a person who had an influence on the world around. There are a few people that could claim that and for that claim to be true. That just proves how much of a best he was.

And that is just shown with the amount of people who turned up to see his funeral parade.

Thousands of people wanted him go because they liked him so much. Thousands of people who wanted to pay their respects to a legend.

When you hear stories about the man all you hear was good things about him. All hear about was how nice he was. That was it, he was probably one of the nicest people in the 20th century and that is not an over exaggeration.

Thousands of people lined the route of the Muhammad Ali’s funeral parade. It just shows you how much he was loved by people.

Trump Is A Pathological Liar

Donald Trump is a Pathological Liar. Ted Cruz has warned that if America elected Donald Trump as President it would America in to the Abyss.

You know what? I really do feel like the insult from both sides of the political scale in America are just getting lazy with their insults towards Trump.

You can’t beat him in the polls so you’re just going to go around insulting him with pathetic insults.

According to what the BBC has said Donald Trump will be able to get the nomination for the Republicans if he manages to win the Primary in Indiana Today. Let’s face it Trump will more likely be able to win this state hands down.

So yeah Cruz looks like somebody who is bitterly lost and looking to score points in a hopeless battle he can’t win.

Funny enough the best thing for Trump to do is not say a word and rise above it. The amount of attacks against him has given him the edge because people have listened to what he has to say outside of the media sound bites.

Ted Cruz has called Donald Trump a pathological liar. I think the Republican party are looking more desperate to shame Trump.

Obama Visits Cuba

Obama is visiting Cuba. President Obama has began a historic visit to Cuba and will hold talks with the Cuban Leader after decades of Cold War Hostilities.

There is one thing that can’t be denied Obama is going to have a mixed and varied legacy from him tie in the White House. There are going to be people who will love what he has done and there will be people who will hate what he has done.

This trip to Cuba is one of the great things to top off what he has done in the White House.  If he can get this and a trip to Iran by January with diplomatic greatness then he’s done a brilliant job on the Foreign Affairs front.

I know this sounds like pointless pleasantries but I hope something good really comes from this.

Cuba should really come in to the wider world however I want it to keep the Character that it has had for the last few decades. The last thing that Cuba needs is to be flooded with Western Brands and a Western life style.

President Obama has visited Cuba for the first time. It’s great to see him go because it just show what great work he’s done on the world stage whilst in the white house.

Scientists Gain New Understanding Of Gravity

Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in their understanding of Gravity.  Scientist are claiming they have made a stunning discovery in their understanding of Gravity as they observe a gravity wave caused by two black holes colliding.

Can we just point this out right now this is a discovery that has been a billion years in the making and the beginnings of this excite me no end.

I never knew that two black holes could collide with each other. From my understanding of Physics Black Holes sucked in energy and matter. So the idea that they can collide with each other amazes me.

The fact we can now have a better understanding of gravity might amaze people as it is all Star Trek esq but to me the idea is it keeps it people on the ground and that’s all I really need to know about it.

The other thing that amazes me though is that this ripple has been going through the Universe for Billions of years. It was a Billion light years away when this started and it’s traveled through space.

Traveled through space for Billions of years.

Scientist have got a new understanding of Gravity after observing a wave through Space. I’m more impressed that it’s been traveling for Billions of years.

US Thank Iran For Swift Return Of Sailors

The Us have thanked Iran for returning Troops. The US has thanked the Iranian Government for the swift return of 10 Navy Sailors who were held after they entered Iranian Territorial Waters.

I’m going to say this now, this is going to be the Political Non Story of the month. This really isn’t a decent top story.

Firstly it sounds like the American went in there by accident. I bet this can be easily done. It was a mistake and thankfully nobody has been hurt and the Iranians have returned them like they should do.

Granted in this world of Iran and America being all buddy thanks to Obama making the peace I expect this to happen.

However there is another reason for this to happen.

Saudi Arabia. Let’s face it does all kick off between the Iranian and the Saudis the Iranians are going to need help and not for America to go on the Saudis side. Granted I don’t expect the Americas will take sides.

However I wouldn’t want to piss off the Americans on this subject because I wouldn’t want the Americans to take sides against me.

America has thanked the Iranians for the swift return of !0 Naval Officers. For the Iranians sake I don’t think they had the choice on this subject.