Turkish PM Denounces Activities Of Army

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced actions by the Turkish Army. The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Illegal action by a Military Group with bridged in Istanbul Closed and Air Craft in the Capital Anakra flying low.

And shit is about to kid off in Turkey and it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Firstly there are people in Turkey who have claimed that this is not a Military Coup but if you’re looking from the outside in on this situation it really does look like one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the army try to take control.

This time, unlike Egypt, I don’t think the people are going to stand in their way and they’ll be able to gain power and hand it back to the people pretty easy and bloodless.

I’m not surprised they are are taking over. The Turkish Government has slowly being turning in to a Dictatorship and if you read this blog, you will know that I believe that Turkish have been killing it own people to get more support from the International Community.

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced the actions of the army. I honestly think that their is a military Coup on the Horizon.


Army Deployed To Help With Cambrian Floods

The Army has been called in to Cumbria. The Army has been called in to support efforts to protect flood hit areas amid fears that more heavy rain is due to fall on Christmas Day.

So I said this before, it’s not a British Winter with out ¬†Britain being unable to help itself when it comes to the weather. Again this year has been the exact same thing.

The thing is it’s pathetic and it’s a shame to look at from with in Britain.

You would think that they would have sorted out the flood defenses after the problem the whole country had 2 years ago. Granted the media were too bothered with the Thames Valley it must have been hard to realize that other people could bit hit by floods.

Is this worth the Army’s time?

Well I’m guessing they need to do something during the Christmas Period apart from spending their time with their family. Granted I do believe that they should be in Syria trying to over throw Islamic State.

However no… they have to help out where the Government has failed in the past.

The army has been deployed to Cumbria to help with the floods.  Well I least we are giving them something to do this Christmas.

Iraqi Army Takes IS Stronghold

Iraqi Forces are advancing in to Ramadi. The Iraqi Army are advancing in to the center of Ramadi are launching a major assault to drive the Islamic State from the city.

Is this the victory we’ve expect and wanted for over a year?

The thing is this… Have the Iraqi Forces done this themselves or have they done this with the help of Western Forces.

If it has been all thanks to Iraqi Forces by themselves then well done to them. Fighting Islamic State must be the hardest thing to do because let’s face it they are fanatical loons who are willing to die for their twisted cause.

If this has been done with the help of Western Forces then it just proves how much we can help in this battle. It also proves that it is right to go in to Syria to get rid of Islamic State.

Is this the point we have finally turned the point in the battle against Islamic State? I really hope so because that would just be the best way to end this year.

Iraqi Forces have taken an Islamic State stronghold. Well hopefully we have turned a corner in this war against Islamic State.

Nine Out Of Ten Nepalese Soldiers Involved In Rescue Effort

Nine out for ten of Nepal’s soldiers are involved in the rescue effort after the Earthquake. Nepal’s Government has said that nine out of ten of their soldiers are involved in search and rescue operations as it pleads for more international aid to help deal with Earthquake that killed 4000 people.

I think I said this the other day this story first broke. Things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better and it really looks its going that way.

Firstly it’s great to see that the Government has put it’s army’s priorities to good use. When you have countries fighting wars against terrorist groups or dictator they don’t it’s great to see Nepal has put their army to work helping their people.

Not even the British Army did that during the floods last year.

The Nepal Government has asked for as much money as possible to deal with the disaster. I think if money isn’t thrown at this problem where 4000 people have died then it will look pretty crappy for the rest of the world if they don’t put the money in to this.

This is something we can’t ignore.

Then we go on the death toll. You can’t believe or imagine that this amount of people have died in an earthquake. You hear about Earthquakes but you don’t think that this amount of people would die in any disaster.

The Nepalese Government have said that nine out ten of their soldiers are helping the aid effort after the Earthquake but they still need the money to help them with their aid effort. Well, well done to their army for doing a lot of hard work that is needed. However we should help the Nepal people and dig deep with as much money as we can spare.

Thailand Under Curfew After Army Coup

Thailand has been put under Curfew. The circumstances came about when the Army took control of the Political Powers and announced it to the media earlier today. This has come about after months of political turmoil in the country.

What is it with these Army take overs? First the Egyptians take over with thunderous applause and now Thailand’s Army has some how crept in to power arresting all it’s political figures. Then you put in the Syria and Ukraine crisis it feels like we’re lurching from one disaster to another.

You can tell they’re not going to give power back to any politically elected Government. You know how? because they’re controlling the media. They’ve controlled the Internet so they can clearly send their own message to the outside world and they’re controlling the TV so they send their own people their message.

I’ve seen it done in North Korea.

I wonder how the Western Governments have taken it. They like un-elected government look at Ukraine.

Nope they’re condemning this one. They clearly aren’t the friends of the Thailand army because they don’t like this move. How bloody hypocritical of the West they support a fascist regime that terrorizes the Russian Population but a an army nope condemn that one.

What’s the difference????

Let’s see what happens with this one because I can see the West leaving this one very well alone as it’s not against the Russians.

Ukraine Officer In An Attack On Crimean Base

The Ukraine Government has said that an officer has been killed in an attack on a Crimean Base. This has been the first attack on Ukrainian since pro-Russian forces took over the area back in February.

Funny how this happens two days after the Crimea referendum. Also funny how this has happened the day when Russia signs Crimea in to the Russian Federation.

I truly believe that the Ukraine Government has done this. I truly believe that this is a pre-cursor to war with Russia and a way to drag the West in to a war Russia.

I really believe that this has been a plan of the Ukrainian Government since they came in and that they are going to use the Referendum as a means to kick start the war.

They’ve also given a shoot to kill order in ‘self-defense’

This is just another sign that they want to start a war with the Russians. You have to wonder if the Ukraine Government is just using it as a ‘kill Russians’ excuse.

If this news came from somebody from the Russian side or a 3rd party I would actually believe it wasn’t the Ukraine Government trying to stir up shit against Russia.

There’s going more in this twist tale and I think we are running closer to war between Russia and Ukraine.

Marine Guilty Of Murder In Afghanistan

A Marine has been found guilty of murder. The Marine has been found guilty by a Military Court of the murder of an Afghan insurgent that was described by the prosecution of as an execution. Two other marines have been found innocent of the all charges.

I’m opposed to the war in Afghanistan have been for year. Since it was clear that Bin Laden wasn’t there what was the point of being there. This really doesn’t help the argument of being in that country. In fact it’s a good reason not to be in that country. If we can’t control our troops bring them home where they can’t murder the local people.

But our army is full or idiots and racists from what I can gather. Yes there are a few good men but I wouldn’t be surprised if the army is recruiting a lot more raciest so they can go out and kill Muslims. I wonder how many of the army would support the EDL.

Politicians are telling us that our foreign policy is right. Well know it’s not as it’s been shown today. I wouldn’t be surprised if we come under fire from Islamic ‘extremists’ for this.

On to the soldier

He’s been given a life sentence. Good I hope he doesn’t ever get out because he doesn’t deserve to. He killed a person in cold blood because he can. If they put him in an English Jail it’s too good for him. I’d stick him in an Afghan jail and see what happens. It’s not the death penalty but he’s going to die.

This is a horrible story to think about, the fact were meant to be helping them and we’re going around killing them at random. I really hope that people in the army take not of this and don’t follow his lead.