Sanders Tries to Calm Down Supporters

Bernie Sander seeks to unite the Democrat Party. On the first day of the Democratic Convention Bernie Sanders seek to calm his angry supporters during raucous scenes in Philadelphia.

Left Wing Politics in Britain and America really is in a state of shit right now and it is all due to old men on the far left of the Political Spectrum. They really have become a laughing stock.

There really is a point you look at Sanders voters and think what the hell are you thinking. They really need to grow up on this subject. There was no chance in hell that Sanders was going to beat Clinton because Clinton has a larger appeal to the nation than Sanders.

I really don’t think that Sanders should trying to calm down his followers. He should be telling them to shut up and deal with the fact that they lost. Clinton has got the nomination and you can’t change that.

The thing is that we have seen this kind of behavior in the UK. It just shows how crap far left Politics in the world has become.

Sanders is trying to calm down his supporters and the Democratic Convention.  He should be telling them to shut the fuck up.