May Picks Her First Cabinet

The new Cabinet has now taken shape. New British Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled her new look Cabinet with major departures from David Cameron Cabinet.

Well this one is an interesting cabinet with some rather interesting people placed in an interesting places.

When I say interesting people, I am talking about one person going to the Foreign Office. Yes Boris Johnson in at the Foreign Office and I couldn’t think of anybody worse because he run his mouth a lot and say stupid, stupid but funny stuff. You really hope that he will be able to keep him mouth shut at some points.

Europe isn’t happy about this at all…

Well I wouldn’t be surprised if they were expecting a cabinet that would turn around and run back to Brussels and apologize for their very naughty people. But they did not get that did they?

I don’t know if I like this cabinet yet but I am happy that the EU haven’t got their own way and it shows that May has some balls.

Theresa May has picked her new Cabinet. This could be an interesting Cabinet to watch in the near future especially as Boris Johnson has become Foreign Secretary.


May Is The New Prime Minister

Theresa May has promised a Better Britain. Theresa May has become the leader of the Conservative Party and has promised that she will fight for Brexit and she has promised that she will ‘Build A Better Britain’.

You wish that May had won this campaign through Election but you have to admit that she may be able to lead the party in to success and unity. Andrea Leadsom had my support but May has been given the nod.

So May will be Prime Minister on Wednesday so this is going to be an interesting week for Britain and the Conservatives.

You have to laugh that the big left wing party who claim to be Progressive and yes I am talking about Labour and the Lib Dems have never had a female leader or Prime Minister and The Tories have on to their second. Who the progressives now.

And shock horror there are people who don’t like it.

James O’Brien has given his usually diatribe about this. Just go check the LBC Facebook feed.  I can imagine that The Guardian will be kicking up  fuss over this as well.

Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister.Well what a day for women in politics. Let’s see if Clinton can do the same in America.

May Wins First Round Of Conservative Leadership Rce

Theresa May has won the first round in the Conservative Leadership Race.  Home Secretary Theresa May has won the first round of The Conservative Leadership Race which would make the winner the next Prime Minister.

The fact that The Conservatives have started the process of electing a new leader and have a clear front runner in this competition just show how much the party has their shit together compared to the Labour Party who have been bickering with each other for more than a week now.

I’ve got to admit that I didn’t want May to be leader of the Conservatives and I wanted Stephen Crabb but I’m not a member of the party so I don’t get a vote in the competition.

However May will be probably the best person to lead the party in the future if she keeps on the path Brexit as the people want. Why do I think she will be a strong leader…

Well… She has been at the home office for long enough and I think she has beaten any other Home Secretary and that is a miracle in itself.

Theresa May has won the first round in the race of the next Prime Minister. Even though it’s not my first I think it will probably the best option.


Britain Doesn’t Need A Brexit Prime Minister According To May

Britain doesn’t need a Brexit Prime Minister. Theresa May has rejected claims that the next leader of the Conservatives should have been  member of the leave campaign.

So May has set up her media stall in her campaign for her to get the job of Prime Minister but you know what she has done is showed people that she may not be totally behind the Brexit campaign.

She had been quiet through out the campaign and now she has let her hand slip and we can see what side she has taken in this debate.

I’ll put this out there now. I don’t trust May on the subject of the Referendum and the negotiations to get us out of Europe.

I also disagree with the fact that we don’t need a Brexit leader as Prime Minister. I think that is what we need for sure. I don’t trust a Remainer to help us ger out of the EU. I expect a remainer to stab the British people in the back and put us further in to Europe.

I actually expect May to do that and I that’s why I want Gove as Prime Minister.

May has rejected claims that the next Prime Minister should be a Brexiter. Well I think that is what we need for sure.

Gove To Run For Conservative Leadership Race

Michael Gove declared himself for the leadership race for The Conservatives. Michael Gove has said that he has chosen to run for leadership for the Conservative Party after deciding that Boris Johnson was not capable of uniting the party or the country.

Stabbed him in the front, Stabbed him in the back or did they make a deal where Gove gets the big job and Johnson get a massive role in a Gove Government.

What ever the story was Gove has been pretty scathing of Johnson….

To say that Johnson isn’t up for the leadership are pretty harsh words from Gove. What ever you think about Johnson, you’ve got to admit that in the past he has been very popular and could have got a Government together.

He could have but not now, I think the whole EU debate has destroyed him and his reputation.

Will go be any better….

He’s less popular than Johnson. The teachers hate him and he’s seen as a very divisive figure to the country. He may be able to bring the party together but there is no chance that he would be able to bring the country together.

Michael Gove has declared himself for the Conservative Leadership Race. Well he isn’t going to get it, he’s not very popular is he?

Row Erupts Over Turkey Veto

A fresh row has emerged in the Conservative Party regarding Turkey.  A fresh row has began with in the Conservative Ranks as David Cameron said that Britain would be able to veto Turkey joining the EU which is the absolute difference to Europe Minister Penny Mordaunt told Robert Peston.

One of those two are lying and I can guess that the person who is telling Porky Pies is Mr Cameron.

It’s rather fun watching this Civil War taking place with in the Conservative Party because it’s a group of rather horrible individuals fighting over something they should be united on. They should be united on this whole subject but they are at each other throats.

But let’s look at this new argument that has erupted.

Do we have a Veto on the subject of Turkey.

Well even if we did have a Veto it would be pointless. A referendum in Holland the other week went on deaf ears. The EU want something and they ignore the people of Europe to get what they want.

If the EU wants Turkey within the Union, Turkey will join the EU. Let’s face it the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union. It’s going to happen.

Even if our Veto did work, let’s face it David Cameron isn’t going to Veto this move. He wants Turkey in the European Union and he told the Turks that he will help them get in to the European Union.

So this argument is kind of pointless because if we do stay in, we will see the Turkish People become EU Citizens.

A fresh war has erupted with in the Conservative over Turkey joining the EU. Well let’s face it as the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union, it is basically going to happen.

Grant Shapps Resigns

Grant Shapps has stood down from his post. Former Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps has stepped as International Development Secretary amid claims he failed to stop bulling within the Party.

The Conservative are in the midst of a bullying Scandal yet they aren’t in a worse position than the Labour Party.

So these allegations in Question date back to the General Election and the campaign that preceded it. The person in question has been bulling Activists during the campaign trail.

Nasty things happen during the Campaign Trail. I.m not condoning it but people lie and I’m being honest I’m not surprised that people have been bullying other people to get their gains.

All the main parties used nasty tactics so I’m not suprised it trickled down the party.

Should Shapps have resigned?

Well he was the Chairman of the Party at the time so it does fall on his door but then Cameron was the leader so should he resign?

Where do resignations stop on this subject because at the end of the day it’s making the whole party look bad and not just one department.

Grant Shapps has resigned as International Development Secretary. It will be interesting how far up this scandal actually finish in the end.