Turkish PM Denounces Activities Of Army

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced actions by the Turkish Army. The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Illegal action by a Military Group with bridged in Istanbul Closed and Air Craft in the Capital Anakra flying low.

And shit is about to kid off in Turkey and it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Firstly there are people in Turkey who have claimed that this is not a Military Coup but if you’re looking from the outside in on this situation it really does look like one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the army try to take control.

This time, unlike Egypt, I don’t think the people are going to stand in their way and they’ll be able to gain power and hand it back to the people pretty easy and bloodless.

I’m not surprised they are are taking over. The Turkish Government has slowly being turning in to a Dictatorship and if you read this blog, you will know that I believe that Turkish have been killing it own people to get more support from the International Community.

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced the actions of the army. I honestly think that their is a military Coup on the Horizon.


Thailand Under Curfew After Army Coup

Thailand has been put under Curfew. The circumstances came about when the Army took control of the Political Powers and announced it to the media earlier today. This has come about after months of political turmoil in the country.

What is it with these Army take overs? First the Egyptians take over with thunderous applause and now Thailand’s Army has some how crept in to power arresting all it’s political figures. Then you put in the Syria and Ukraine crisis it feels like we’re lurching from one disaster to another.

You can tell they’re not going to give power back to any politically elected Government. You know how? because they’re controlling the media. They’ve controlled the Internet so they can clearly send their own message to the outside world and they’re controlling the TV so they send their own people their message.

I’ve seen it done in North Korea.

I wonder how the Western Governments have taken it. They like un-elected government look at Ukraine.

Nope they’re condemning this one. They clearly aren’t the friends of the Thailand army because they don’t like this move. How bloody hypocritical of the West they support a fascist regime that terrorizes the Russian Population but a an army nope condemn that one.

What’s the difference????

Let’s see what happens with this one because I can see the West leaving this one very well alone as it’s not against the Russians.