Corbyn Can Go On Ballot

Corbyn will be on the Labour Leadership Ballot. The Labour Party National Executive Committee has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be included in the Ballot for the Labour Party Leadership Challenge.

Well the Labour have just given the Conservatives the keys to Downing Street in 2020. This is a really stupid decision from Labour’s ruling body.


You really can’t have a leadership Challenge from the Party if the leader can’t defend himself in this arena.

Jeremy Corbyn is going to win this contest hands down. He has the mandate of the Grassroots Party and he is a lot better person than Angela Eagle.

I think there are a lot of people out there who will agree with me that Eagle would be a lot worse a character to lead the party than Corbyn. Corbyn is terrible but Eagle is a lot worse than him.

The party is going to vote for Corbyn and at the end of the day they have just handed the Conservative Party the keys to Downing Street at the next General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn will be able to go on the Ballot for the Labour Leadership challenge. Well The Conservatives have just won the 2020 General Election.


Angela Eagle To Mount Leadership Challenge

Angela Eagles will challenge Corbyn for the leadership of Labour. The BBC has been told that Angela Eagle has said that she will challenge Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the party.

Well it just get better for the Labour Party doesn’t it. They are in a total mess and one of the worst MPs in their ranks is trying to get her way in the top spot.

I think I said this yesterday but I do believe that he should step down for the good of the Labour Party. Yes he has the mandate from the Grassroots but he is alienating swing voters who are going to go to UKIP or even the Lib Dems.

It’s not good for Labour no matter which way he goes.

At least there is somebody out there to take on the Corbyn challenge but dear god why is Angela Eagle.

If you thought Corbyn was bad then you have something fun to look forward to. Eagle has nothing about her. Even her voice is Terrible and she shouldn’t even be an MP.  If she does get in then Labour are even more fucked then before.

Angela Eagle will mount a leadership challenge for the Labour Party. Well Labour are truly fucked aren’t they.

Labour MPS Have No Confidence In Corbyn

Labour MPs have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. A Motions of no Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn has been passed by the MPs of the Labour Party.

You really couldn’t make up what has happened since Thursday. Even though it has been exciting to watch from a observers view. It really has been crazy if you think about it.

Everyone is pulling in each direction and it’s just strange to watch but let’s just talk about Labour cos Labour have gone down a road of self-destruction.

Hilary Benn got the sack and no the knifes are out for Corbyn and they have stabbed him in the back and the front and the side. It really is like Cesar in the Senate. It’s that bad.

What is Corbyn doing?… he’s holding on for dear life.

I’m not Labour fan as this blog has shown but even I think he needs to go for the good of the party. He’s dragging them down a path to nowhere, no where good at all. The man is political suicide.

Yes the Grassroots elected him but he need to go. The Grassroots fucked up majorly here and the Parliamentary Party need to turn it around. For the sake of the party they PLP need to ignore the Grassroot members.

The Labour Party has no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. I think it’s time for him to step down.


Jeremy Corbyn will fight for his leadership. Jeremy Corbyn will fight any leadership election and reshape his shadow cabinet over the next 24 hours, the labour leader said.

Well at least he will stand and fight for something because lets face it those innocent people in Syria were not enough to fight for.

So this is all to do with the fall out from Friday. The fact that we have left the EU has caused Corbyn to fight for his leadership. I honestly didn’t expect this one to happen. Seriously this one is a shocker to me.

So people have started to fall out with Corbyn. Well it’s taken them long enough hasn’t it. They could have booted him out after the Trident debacle.

But not what has caused it the sacking of Hilary Benn.

Benn got sacked last night and then Corbyn’s own cabinet turned against him. Well I think that is just swell. Benn is more popular than Corbyn in the House Of Commons. Then the whole of the Shadow Cabinet resigns in protest.

I bet that is something Corbyn regrets doing now, sacking Hilary Benn.


Jeremy Corbyn has said that he will fight for his leadership of the Labour Party. Give it up Jeremy you’re a dead man walking.


Kahn Set To Become London Mayor

Sadiq Kahn will be become London Mayor. Labour’s Sadiq Kahn is set to become the new Mayor of London which has given the party a boost after they slumped in Scotland.

So a person who is a political nobody these days have won the Mayor of London role against another political nobody. Compared to the last two Mayor of London it really has been a dull as personality clash.

Honestly who had heard of Zack Goldsmith until he got the nomination?

People are saying this has given a Boost to Jeremy Corbyn. Well actually no it hasn’t. The MP for Isslington is leading the Labour Party so I would expect the rich people of London to vote Labour as they can relate to their leader more.

Yes they have got London but they have fucked up in Scotland.

If Labour can’t get Scotland then let’s face it they are screwed. They need Scotland and they’ve slipped behind the Tories. The Scots don’t want Labour and it’s something they need to get a grip on.

Sadiq Kahn is set to become the Mayor of London. Well he has not really done much for the Labour Party as they have lost Scotland to the SNP and the Tories.

Osborne and Corbyn Release Tax Returns

Jeremy Corbyn and George Osborne have released their Tax returns. George Osborne and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn are the latest senior MPs to have released the details of the tax returns.

So the Panama Papers story has really blown out of all proportions. We’ve made a mountain of a mole hill because some rich people have been trying to hide their money in offshore accounts.

The bizarre thing is that from what I can gather on the subject the average man on the street couldn’t give a crap. It’s the so called political clash and people on political discussion forums that give a crap about this.

Seriously this is a story that the left have made a massive deal about because they can beat Cameron around the head with.

So what great things have we learnt from these returns being published?

Well… Osborne has earned a lot more money that Corbyn. We are talking about a lot more. Osborne earned £198, 738 with a tax of £72,210. That is seriously a lot more than the £18,000 that Corbyn earned.

No wonder Osborne looks better dressed than Corbyn.

Corbyn and Osborne have released their tax returns. Well it looks like Corbyn really needs to earn a lot more money to  keep up with Cameron and Osborne.

UK Could Keep Trident But Without The Warheads

Britain could have a Nuclear Deterrent minus the Nuclear Warheads. Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Britain could keep the Trident Submarine fleet but with out the Nuclear Warheads.

And today in Jeremy Corbyn’s stupid ideas…

In the perfect world I would like us to dismantle the Trident System but over the last few years we have stopped living in a perfect world far from it now. We sadly need this now, we sadly need a Nuclear deterrent.

I would like to know where about Jeremy Corbyn’s sanity is. This has to be the most stupid idea I think I’ve heard in the whole Trident Debate. They want to give us a Nuclear Deterrent but they don’t want to arm it.

Well people that is actually a crazy idea.

In this political state with the likes of Islamic State and North Korea being a threat to Western interests and the West as a whole the idea of a pointless deterrent is totally stupid.

I do wonder if Corbyn want’s the Labour Party to actually survive or just join The Greens because at this point in time I can’t see how he is going to get a Labour Government under his leadership.

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested of keeping the  Trident Fleet but with out the Nuclear Warheads. Well Yeah another stupid suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn.