Putin Condemns Jet Downing

Putin has condemned the actions of Turkey. Russian President has Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian Jet on the Turkey-Syrian Border.

Well I’m just going to open up with this, Russia has seriously messed up on this one.

The first thing we need to tackle is the big problem of where was the jets. There is the argument in a nut shell. I actually think that those jets were still in Syria and the Turkish Authorities are lying.

I think the Turks are getting annoyed with the Russians actions in Syria so they shot down the planes. They’ve probably been given the go ahead and soon we’ll see the Russians getting blamed for this by none other than the Americans.

It’s going to write itself.

The whole problem is that I can see the becoming nasty. We no the Russians don’t take prisoners when it comes to Syria and I don’t expect them to be calm in this situation.

Turkey has seriously started to play with fire. If they are stupid enough to get involved in a war with this I don’t expect them to come out of this in one piece.

Again I say Turkey has done a stupid thing.

Russian President condemns the downing of a Russian set on the Border of Syria and Turkey. This was not a clever move on Turkey’s behalf because you don’t want to mess with Putin.