Eagle Pulls Out Of The Race

Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest.  Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest and has backed Owen Smith in his challenge to Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party really are in a mess. They really are a massive laughing stock in the British Political Spectrum. If anybody on the left want to point the finger at the Conservatives and their contest. At least that is over and they have a new leader unlike the Labour Party.

So did anybody really think Angela Eagle was going to win it, if she pulled out? Well I don’t think she would have. Let’s face it, there really is nothing impressive about her and she is a worse candidate than Corbyn actually is.

And that really is saying something about Eagle.

So the ‘Unity’ Candidate is Owen Smith. Yup I have no idea who he is either.  The  thing is that the this has the nominations for him to mount a challenge however I don’t think that he actually unify the party and he won’t be able to beat Corbyn.

If I was Theresa May I’d be laughing my way to the next election looking at the Labour Party.

Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest. Well I expect Corbyn to win this now and for the Conservatives to win the Election.


Corbyn Can Go On Ballot

Corbyn will be on the Labour Leadership Ballot. The Labour Party National Executive Committee has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be included in the Ballot for the Labour Party Leadership Challenge.

Well the Labour have just given the Conservatives the keys to Downing Street in 2020. This is a really stupid decision from Labour’s ruling body.


You really can’t have a leadership Challenge from the Party if the leader can’t defend himself in this arena.

Jeremy Corbyn is going to win this contest hands down. He has the mandate of the Grassroots Party and he is a lot better person than Angela Eagle.

I think there are a lot of people out there who will agree with me that Eagle would be a lot worse a character to lead the party than Corbyn. Corbyn is terrible but Eagle is a lot worse than him.

The party is going to vote for Corbyn and at the end of the day they have just handed the Conservative Party the keys to Downing Street at the next General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn will be able to go on the Ballot for the Labour Leadership challenge. Well The Conservatives have just won the 2020 General Election.

Angela Eagle To Mount Leadership Challenge

Angela Eagles will challenge Corbyn for the leadership of Labour. The BBC has been told that Angela Eagle has said that she will challenge Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the party.

Well it just get better for the Labour Party doesn’t it. They are in a total mess and one of the worst MPs in their ranks is trying to get her way in the top spot.

I think I said this yesterday but I do believe that he should step down for the good of the Labour Party. Yes he has the mandate from the Grassroots but he is alienating swing voters who are going to go to UKIP or even the Lib Dems.

It’s not good for Labour no matter which way he goes.

At least there is somebody out there to take on the Corbyn challenge but dear god why is Angela Eagle.

If you thought Corbyn was bad then you have something fun to look forward to. Eagle has nothing about her. Even her voice is Terrible and she shouldn’t even be an MP.  If she does get in then Labour are even more fucked then before.

Angela Eagle will mount a leadership challenge for the Labour Party. Well Labour are truly fucked aren’t they.

Jeremy Corbyn will fight for his leadership. Jeremy Corbyn will fight any leadership election and reshape his shadow cabinet over the next 24 hours, the labour leader said.

Well at least he will stand and fight for something because lets face it those innocent people in Syria were not enough to fight for.

So this is all to do with the fall out from Friday. The fact that we have left the EU has caused Corbyn to fight for his leadership. I honestly didn’t expect this one to happen. Seriously this one is a shocker to me.

So people have started to fall out with Corbyn. Well it’s taken them long enough hasn’t it. They could have booted him out after the Trident debacle.

But not what has caused it the sacking of Hilary Benn.

Benn got sacked last night and then Corbyn’s own cabinet turned against him. Well I think that is just swell. Benn is more popular than Corbyn in the House Of Commons. Then the whole of the Shadow Cabinet resigns in protest.

I bet that is something Corbyn regrets doing now, sacking Hilary Benn.


Jeremy Corbyn has said that he will fight for his leadership of the Labour Party. Give it up Jeremy you’re a dead man walking.


Labour To Investigate Racism In The Party

Labour are set to launch a investigation about anti-Semitism with in their ranks. Jeremy Corbyn is to hold an independent inquiry in to anti-Semitism and other forms of racism according to the Labour Party.

I really do find this really funny. What an interesting end to the week after the events of the last few days.

Let’s start with Corbyn who investigating anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Let’s not forget that Corbyn in the past has been associated with Groups who have tried to kill Israeli Citizens. I’m not defending Israel but it needs to be pointing that Corbyn is seen as a friend to these groups.

There is something rather hypocritical about Corbyn going about this. Somehow I get the feeling it investigation will come back with not a racist party.

And how can you call Labour Anti-Semitic?

Shall we just point out who the last leader of the Labour Party was. Ed Milliband who let’s remember is a Jew. The man was a useless leader and they didn’t remove him.

The Labour Party are not racsim

The Labour Party are investigating Racism with in their ranks. Well with a leader who does kind of look Anti-Semitic, I think we are going to get a lot of skeletons out of the closet.

There Is No Crisis Within The Labour Party

There is no crisis within the Labour Party. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that there is no crisis within the party after Ken Livingstone was suspended for defending an MP who made comments that were considered Anti-Semetic.

Ah Ken Livingstone the present that just keep on giving. I’ve been waiting to comment on him for months.

Of course Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t think there is a crisis with in the Labour Party. He can’t see that he is the crisis with in the party. The fact that this new problem has arisen is just going to add to the crisis at large with in the Party itself.

Let’s move on to Livingstone. If can’t stand the man I’ll be honest. If this shuts him up and keeps him out of the camera’s eyes for a period of time great.  What he was doing was defending Naz Shah and managed to piss off the Jew population of Britain by calling Adolf Hitler was originally a Zionist.

Another old school Labour MP who happened to piss off Jewish People well he can find a place to hang out with George Galloway.

Shah’s comment is something I don’t find offensive.  I bet a lot of people won’t find it offensive. Granted people will be offended over anything these days.

Jeremy Corbyn says that Livingstone’s comments doesn’t show there is a crisis with in the Labour Party. Well apart from expressing an opinion, I can’t see what Livingstone has done or there being a crisis in the party.

David Milliband Criticizes Ed’s Leadership

David Milliband had criticized Ed Milliband’s leadership of the Labour Party. David Milliband has criticized his brother Ed’s leadership of the party saying that his brother lead the Labour Party backwards and offered what people did not want.

Well, well this is the best reading post General Election I could have had.

Lets face it this was the worst Labour defeat in a General Election since the 1980s. It was a bit humiliating for them. The fact they lost nearly all of Scotland was a little bit hilarious.

The great thing is that David Milliband is totally right in what he said. Ed did take the party backwards and he made sure they couldn’t be elected.

The thing is it could have been a lot more different if they had elected David Milliband.

Let’s face it they would have won the whole thing if David had been incharge they would have won the General Election and probably won it very convincingly. David Milliband was a better choice for a leader.

The Unions got their own way and they lost the election. However Labour could have booted him out ages ago but they didn’t. So more fool the Labour Party.

David Milliband has criticized his brother Ed for his leadership of the Labour Party. It’s a harsh time when you’re brother is slagging you off to the media, even though the brother is right.