Russia Maybe Kicked Out Of Euros

Russia may be kicked out of the Euro 2016 competition. Russia will be thrown out the of Euro 2016 football competition if they fans cause more trouble say Europeans Football Governing body UEFA.

Russia maybe disqualified, even though they should be straight up disqualified right at this moment but no they may get disqualified.

Double Standards with in UEFA.

So the Russia fans have come from Russia to France  not to watch Football but to fight English people. Yes they have come over to fight English people. Why? Because the fight is as important as the games of Football themselves.

You can’t make that up can you?

The fact that this is known and the Russians haven’t stopped their people from doing this they should be kicked out just for that but no they get a slap on the wrist.

If this was English people who were doing this then we would get booted out. No if, no buts, no maybes. We would be out on our ears and no questions asked.

This really does show the double standards against the English when it comes to football.

The Russian have been given a suspended disqualification after their fans rioted in France. Well I think they should be kicked out because these were pre-planned.


Russia Pulls Out Of Syria

Russia are pulling out of Syria. In a surprise move Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to withdraw the main part of Russian Military that are in Syria.

Well this should be an interesting twist in the events of the Syrian Civil War.

So is this a surprise?

Well saying that they were pushing the war in a direction towards one of the sides actually winning I would say that yes this is a surprise. There has to be something behind this because they were making difference in that war.

I very much doubt that the Syrians have asked them to leave. Let’s face it they were Assad’s biggest ally. So yeah I can’t actually imagine that Assad has told him to leave.

How is this going to effect the War in Syria?

Well it’s going to last a hell of a lot longer than it did before.  When Russia first entered the Frey I honestly thought that they were going to end the war quickly but now Russia has backed out I can see that the War is going to last for a very long time.

This will be something the West will be happy about.

Russia has decided to pull out of Syria. Well this some make the Syrian Civil War last a lot longer than it could have been.

Turkey Claims Russia Violated Their Air Space

Turkey claims Russia has violated it’s airspace again.  Turkey has said that Russian jets have violated their airspace and has summoned the Russian ambassador to Ankara.

So the Russians have violated Turkish Airspace again. Call me skeptical but some how I don’t believe the Turks.

We already know that the Turks are paying for the Oil produced by Islamic State and we know that the Russians have been able to hit at least one of convoy that was heading to Turkey from Syria.

Yeah the Russians are causing a lot of problems for the Turks in the last few months.

I could believe the Turks story if they hadn’t shot down a plane that was 20 miles in Syrian Airspace.

Can you see why I am a bit suspicious.

At least they are trying to look like they are going the right thing. Even though they are bullshitting everybody. I would to see the conversation between the Turks and the Russian Ambassador because the Russian know that the Turks are in the wrong.

Turkey has claimed that the Russian have violated their airspace. Well I really so believe that this is a rather dubious claim because the Turkey is funding Islamic State through Oil Sales.

Turkey And Russia Start War Of Words

A War Of Words has erupted.  A War Of Words has erupted between the Russian and The Turkish with the Turkish President Erdogan warning Putin that he was ‘playing with fire’.

The fallout of the shot down plane continues to rumble on and it looks like it’s not going to cool down.

People have been talking about World War 3 during this whole stand off but for some strange reason I don’t think it will get to that. I do think there will be a War between the Turks and the Russians eventually but I don’t think the West will but in.

Granted if it gives Russia a bloody nose then I can imagine that the Americans will give it ago.

The Turks want to have talks about the situation but the Russians want an apology. Well the Russians are in the right on this situation, I you should know by now I believe that the Turks are Funding ISIS and they shot down that jet to get Russia in to a war thinking that NATO will back them.

Yes the Russian Jet was still in Syrian Air Space.

A War of words has started between the Russian and the Turks. Well it looks like the Turks are going to test the NATO reserve against the Russians.

Putin Condemns Jet Downing

Putin has condemned the actions of Turkey. Russian President has Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian Jet on the Turkey-Syrian Border.

Well I’m just going to open up with this, Russia has seriously messed up on this one.

The first thing we need to tackle is the big problem of where was the jets. There is the argument in a nut shell. I actually think that those jets were still in Syria and the Turkish Authorities are lying.

I think the Turks are getting annoyed with the Russians actions in Syria so they shot down the planes. They’ve probably been given the go ahead and soon we’ll see the Russians getting blamed for this by none other than the Americans.

It’s going to write itself.

The whole problem is that I can see the becoming nasty. We no the Russians don’t take prisoners when it comes to Syria and I don’t expect them to be calm in this situation.

Turkey has seriously started to play with fire. If they are stupid enough to get involved in a war with this I don’t expect them to come out of this in one piece.

Again I say Turkey has done a stupid thing.

Russian President condemns the downing of a Russian set on the Border of Syria and Turkey. This was not a clever move on Turkey’s behalf because you don’t want to mess with Putin.

Russia Should Be Banned From Athletics

Russia should be banned from Athletics. The World’s Anti-Doping Agency commission has recommended that Russia should be suspended from Athletics.

And again the world has found a new place and a new way to victimize the Russians. It really is getting embarrassing to watch from a far.

So according to the World Anti-Doping Agency the Russians are Doping, Cover Ups and extortion.

Well let’s face in I can imagine that there is also a lot of doping going on in Athletics. We know it happens because it gets brought up over and over again. There was that thing with Mo Farrah’s coach earlier this year.

Then Cover ups. Well Lance Armstrong managed to get away with his Doping for long enough. We all know Doping happens and somebody has to cover it up for people to not know it’s been going on.

I’m not going to talk about extortion because we all know the Russians payed for their World Cup. I can imagine that their is lots of Extortion coming from Russia.

I can imagine a lot of Countries to extort and rip their way through World Athletics.

I really do think they are only picking Russia because they are told to do so by the Americans. Yup I believe that they are bowing down to Political Demand by the Americans and Europe.

Nothing good will comes of this, mark my words.

The World’s Anti-Doping Agency has said that Russia should be banned from Athletics. Well it’s great to see that they are following the Evil Russia line from America.

Russia Suspends Flights To Egypt

Russia has suspended Egyptian Flights. Russia has suspended all flights to Russia after indications that last week’s plane crash was caused by a bomb.

You have to wonder where all the Fallout from this Plane crash will actually end. Is this going to end up with Egypt being bust? is this going to end up another popular uprising in Egypt?

Let’s face it most of Egypt’s money comes from the Tourist Industry. You’ve got to sit back and wonder how much money it’s going to loose from this whole deal.

Russia is the second country to stop their flights to Egypt that I know of. So you’ve got wonder and worry what the intelligence services know what they are not telling us.

Now the next thing to think is that it is a Terrorist attack. Somebody is trying to attack the Russians. Are they stupid? There is going to be a fire of hell firing down on who has done this.

And If it is ISIS in Egypt, I don’t think people are going to stop them. I think Russia will let them have at it as well the Egyptians.

Nobody will stop them.

Russia has suspended it’s flights to Egypt. You wonder what people know and what the fall out will be and what the Russians will do.