Terror Suspect Set Free

One of the Belgium Terror Suspects has been freed. A man known as Faycal C who is the only person who has been arrested and charged with last weeks attacks in Brussels has been freed due to a lack of evidence.

So it’s been six days since the Terror Attacks in Brussels and they have to let the only person they had with a connection to the attacks go. This is not going to play well with people across Europe.

There are going to be people who will use this for political leverage. People are going to use it for their own political gain.

So I’m guessing the only evidence they actually have is this person pushing a trolley through the Airport next to the Suicide Bombers. Yeah well let’s face it that really isn’t that much evidence in the end.

I really don’t think they had any other choice to let him go.

The thing is this is going to stir up a lot of anti-Islamic feeling across Europe. This is going to be used as a rally call. The fact that a suspected Terrorist has been let off. They will use the European Union as the reason and throw Multi-Multiculturalism in to the mix.

The only suspect in the Belgium Terror Attacks has been set free. Let’s see how the far right use this to their advantage.


Brussels’s Attackers DNA Found At Paris Sites

DNA from one of the Paris Attackers has been found at Brussels Airport. Belgian Officials have names the second suicide bomber from Wednesday’s attack at Brussels Airport as Najim Laachraoui and have said that his DNA has been found at Sites of November’s attacks in Paris.

So it looks like both attacks have now got a link. Granted they were both Islamic State attacks so you’d expect that link.

So it’s been a couple of days since the attacks and they have arrested suspects in France, Germany and Belgium. I’m guessing they are linked to the attacks on Brussels.

So the questions must be asked

  1. How many IS suspects are there in Europe
  2. What will the fall out be from both Paris and Brussels

I’m guessing the answer to number 1 is, we have no idea. We really can’t count that number because there are thousands if not millions of people coming through from Turkey and have not ended up in different countries across Europe. There are bound to be people in those groups who are extremists.

I don’t think people will be able to comprehend what could happen. There will be people who will use this for a Racist rallying cry. There will be a lot of people out there who will not like what has happened.

DNA from one of the Paris suspects has been found at Brussels Airport. Well it looks like Islamic State are planning a chain of attacks across Europe.

Two Brothers Identified As Terror Suspects

Two Brothers carried out the Brussels Terrorist Attacks. The Two suicide bombers from Yesterday’s attack in Brussels have been revealed to be two brothers who were Belgian Nationals.

You wonder how much you must hate the country you come from to attack innocent people in an airport. How much you must hate your fellow nationals to want to see them killed.

Even if you had been brain washed to fight some kind of Holy War, you would go for America not Belgium. America is get but blowing up an airport in Belgium I just don’t get.

The Belgian Authorities have found a written statement from one of the bombers.

The man was depressed. It honestly sounds like he had written a suicide note. He probably wanted to kill himself to end it. This seemed like an easy way to end it all.

But it does make you think about who Islamic State are recruiting.

They are taking the vulnerable and training them up to be killer. They are training the weak to kill people. If they are recruiting the mentally ill then these people need to be looked after to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Belgian Authorities have identified two attackers from the Belgian Bomb attacks. Well it really is the news you don’t want to hear because it makes monsters of people.

Man Suspected In Belgian Terror Attack

Belgian Police are hunting a man after a Terrorist Attack in Brussels. Belgian Police have said that they are looking for a man as a suspect for the Brussels Terrorist Attacks took place earlier today that has killed more than 30 people.

The words Terrorist Attacks are being used way too often during the last few months. I really does feel like we are having Terrorist Attacks every other week.

It’s not just in America or Britain, it’s Belgium or it Turkey. That’s the shocking thing.

So who has claimed responsibility for this?

Well shock horror it’s another attack by Islamic State. Yeah well that’s not surprise. They have been behind every other attack in the world as of late. There really is no shock behind the whole story behind that.

So what are we going to do about it?

We can hunt this person that they said they were looking for but after they catch him. It’s going to be another person after that and it will be another attack after that. We will bomb them again and again and the cycle will continue and continue.

The Police are hunting for a man who is a suspect for the Terrorist Attack in Brussels. It’s another sad attack that we have got to live with and is a sign of the times to come.

At Least 32 People Die In An Attack In Ankara

At least 32 people have died in Ankara. A Car Bomb that exploded in Ankara has killed at least 32 people and wounded 100 people, the Turkish Health Ministry has said.

Well, well, well. It’s another Terrorist Attack in Turkey. There really is somebody out there who really dislikes the Turkish people and Government.


The Turkish Government has done it themselves.

I know at this moment people are going to have a go at me for saying that the Turkish Government could kill it’s own people. Well if it wasn’t for the fact that they were slowly turning in to a Totalitarian Regime that are trying to shut up opposition journalists then I wouldn’t blame the Turkish Government.

And guess who the Turks are blaming for this attack?… The Kurds.

Well what a shock that is. You’ve got to remember that the Turks don’t like the Kurds and the Kurds are buddy buddy with the people who don’t like Isis. Yes the Turks are going to use this to turn the EU and America against Kurds and more to their side by crying Kurdish Terrorist.

Just wait and see Wait and see.

At least 32 people have died in an attack in Ankara. I’m going to sit back and watch an anti-Kurdish narrative start to develop.

Brussels Alert Status Remains

Brussels will stay on the highest level of Terror Alert. Brussels will stay on the highest level of alert after a ‘serious and imminent’ threat of a Paris style attack the Belgium Prime Minister has said.

There seems to be high level of fear across Europe. People in Europe really are bricking it across the whole continents and that means one thing the Islamic State are slowly winning this war in Europe.

It’s not something you want to say but it really is something that it feels like it’s happening.

I do wonder if there is a threat that is real or that they are making this threat up.

I know that this seems cynical but I wouldn’t be surprised if this Governments are making this up to get what the European Union wants.

If we pretend that there is a problem in Europe that is increasing we will give our securities away and our freedoms. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use all this as a precursor to their European Army that they’ve so desperately wanted.

It’s a horrific thought but it is a possible future we could see.

Brussels is staying on a high alert amid a threat of Terror. Well it will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

Belgium On High State Of Alert

Belgium is on the highest state of alert. Belgium PM Charles Michel has placed Brussels on the highest state of alert in respond to information about the risk of an attack a week after the Paris Attack.

And the world is again on the edge of terror, we just need to sit here and wait for something to have.

Well let’s face after the last few weeks, it’s no wonder the world is sat on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen.

They’ve closed down the whole of Brussels so the next question is was it worth it?

I know this sounds like a rather glib question but it has to be asked and it’s all to do with what if?

If the threat was real then yest it was a very good idea. The whole of Europe would have been in uproar if another 100+ people were killed.

Granted on the other hand if it faulty information they were given then people are going to moan about the disruption it caused.

Let’s face it, if your in power you are never going to win.

Belgium Prime Minister put Brussels on a high state of alert. You just hope that this action has stopped another massacre or people won’t be happy.