Turkish PM Denounces Activities Of Army

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced actions by the Turkish Army. The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Illegal action by a Military Group with bridged in Istanbul Closed and Air Craft in the Capital Anakra flying low.

And shit is about to kid off in Turkey and it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Firstly there are people in Turkey who have claimed that this is not a Military Coup but if you’re looking from the outside in on this situation it really does look like one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the army try to take control.

This time, unlike Egypt, I don’t think the people are going to stand in their way and they’ll be able to gain power and hand it back to the people pretty easy and bloodless.

I’m not surprised they are are taking over. The Turkish Government has slowly being turning in to a Dictatorship and if you read this blog, you will know that I believe that Turkish have been killing it own people to get more support from the International Community.

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced the actions of the army. I honestly think that their is a military Coup on the Horizon.


Row Erupts Over Turkey Veto

A fresh row has emerged in the Conservative Party regarding Turkey.  A fresh row has began with in the Conservative Ranks as David Cameron said that Britain would be able to veto Turkey joining the EU which is the absolute difference to Europe Minister Penny Mordaunt told Robert Peston.

One of those two are lying and I can guess that the person who is telling Porky Pies is Mr Cameron.

It’s rather fun watching this Civil War taking place with in the Conservative Party because it’s a group of rather horrible individuals fighting over something they should be united on. They should be united on this whole subject but they are at each other throats.

But let’s look at this new argument that has erupted.

Do we have a Veto on the subject of Turkey.

Well even if we did have a Veto it would be pointless. A referendum in Holland the other week went on deaf ears. The EU want something and they ignore the people of Europe to get what they want.

If the EU wants Turkey within the Union, Turkey will join the EU. Let’s face it the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union. It’s going to happen.

Even if our Veto did work, let’s face it David Cameron isn’t going to Veto this move. He wants Turkey in the European Union and he told the Turks that he will help them get in to the European Union.

So this argument is kind of pointless because if we do stay in, we will see the Turkish People become EU Citizens.

A fresh war has erupted with in the Conservative over Turkey joining the EU. Well let’s face it as the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union, it is basically going to happen.

At Least 32 People Die In An Attack In Ankara

At least 32 people have died in Ankara. A Car Bomb that exploded in Ankara has killed at least 32 people and wounded 100 people, the Turkish Health Ministry has said.

Well, well, well. It’s another Terrorist Attack in Turkey. There really is somebody out there who really dislikes the Turkish people and Government.


The Turkish Government has done it themselves.

I know at this moment people are going to have a go at me for saying that the Turkish Government could kill it’s own people. Well if it wasn’t for the fact that they were slowly turning in to a Totalitarian Regime that are trying to shut up opposition journalists then I wouldn’t blame the Turkish Government.

And guess who the Turks are blaming for this attack?… The Kurds.

Well what a shock that is. You’ve got to remember that the Turks don’t like the Kurds and the Kurds are buddy buddy with the people who don’t like Isis. Yes the Turks are going to use this to turn the EU and America against Kurds and more to their side by crying Kurdish Terrorist.

Just wait and see Wait and see.

At least 32 people have died in an attack in Ankara. I’m going to sit back and watch an anti-Kurdish narrative start to develop.

EU And Turkey Hold Summit Over The Migrant Crisis

The EU and Turkey are holding a key Summit. The European Union is holding a Key Summit with Turkey in Brussels on ways to deal with migrant crisis which has become the worst crisis since World War 2.

Well this is not a summit that I have any confidence in.

There is only one thing this summit is here for and that is to let the Turks hold the European Union to ransom to get what they want. By the sounds of it they want more money off the EU and they also want fast track entry in to the European Union.

Well let’s face i, they have already got that because the Germans will allow it.

At this point in time I can imagine that there will be some countries out there who will try to fight this but Germany will get their own way they always do. They will bully who opposes them to get their own way.

The Germans want the Turks in the EU so the Turks will get in to the EU. The rest of Europe can be damned.

The EU is holding a summit with the Turks regarding the Migrant Crisis. Well lets face it that is Turkey joining the EU in the next year or so.

Turkey Claims Russia Violated Their Air Space

Turkey claims Russia has violated it’s airspace again.  Turkey has said that Russian jets have violated their airspace and has summoned the Russian ambassador to Ankara.

So the Russians have violated Turkish Airspace again. Call me skeptical but some how I don’t believe the Turks.

We already know that the Turks are paying for the Oil produced by Islamic State and we know that the Russians have been able to hit at least one of convoy that was heading to Turkey from Syria.

Yeah the Russians are causing a lot of problems for the Turks in the last few months.

I could believe the Turks story if they hadn’t shot down a plane that was 20 miles in Syrian Airspace.

Can you see why I am a bit suspicious.

At least they are trying to look like they are going the right thing. Even though they are bullshitting everybody. I would to see the conversation between the Turks and the Russian Ambassador because the Russian know that the Turks are in the wrong.

Turkey has claimed that the Russian have violated their airspace. Well I really so believe that this is a rather dubious claim because the Turkey is funding Islamic State through Oil Sales.

Turkey And Russia Start War Of Words

A War Of Words has erupted.  A War Of Words has erupted between the Russian and The Turkish with the Turkish President Erdogan warning Putin that he was ‘playing with fire’.

The fallout of the shot down plane continues to rumble on and it looks like it’s not going to cool down.

People have been talking about World War 3 during this whole stand off but for some strange reason I don’t think it will get to that. I do think there will be a War between the Turks and the Russians eventually but I don’t think the West will but in.

Granted if it gives Russia a bloody nose then I can imagine that the Americans will give it ago.

The Turks want to have talks about the situation but the Russians want an apology. Well the Russians are in the right on this situation, I you should know by now I believe that the Turks are Funding ISIS and they shot down that jet to get Russia in to a war thinking that NATO will back them.

Yes the Russian Jet was still in Syrian Air Space.

A War of words has started between the Russian and the Turks. Well it looks like the Turks are going to test the NATO reserve against the Russians.

Putin Condemns Jet Downing

Putin has condemned the actions of Turkey. Russian President has Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian Jet on the Turkey-Syrian Border.

Well I’m just going to open up with this, Russia has seriously messed up on this one.

The first thing we need to tackle is the big problem of where was the jets. There is the argument in a nut shell. I actually think that those jets were still in Syria and the Turkish Authorities are lying.

I think the Turks are getting annoyed with the Russians actions in Syria so they shot down the planes. They’ve probably been given the go ahead and soon we’ll see the Russians getting blamed for this by none other than the Americans.

It’s going to write itself.

The whole problem is that I can see the becoming nasty. We no the Russians don’t take prisoners when it comes to Syria and I don’t expect them to be calm in this situation.

Turkey has seriously started to play with fire. If they are stupid enough to get involved in a war with this I don’t expect them to come out of this in one piece.

Again I say Turkey has done a stupid thing.

Russian President condemns the downing of a Russian set on the Border of Syria and Turkey. This was not a clever move on Turkey’s behalf because you don’t want to mess with Putin.