Turkey And Russia Start War Of Words

A War Of Words has erupted.  A War Of Words has erupted between the Russian and The Turkish with the Turkish President Erdogan warning Putin that he was ‘playing with fire’.

The fallout of the shot down plane continues to rumble on and it looks like it’s not going to cool down.

People have been talking about World War 3 during this whole stand off but for some strange reason I don’t think it will get to that. I do think there will be a War between the Turks and the Russians eventually but I don’t think the West will but in.

Granted if it gives Russia a bloody nose then I can imagine that the Americans will give it ago.

The Turks want to have talks about the situation but the Russians want an apology. Well the Russians are in the right on this situation, I you should know by now I believe that the Turks are Funding ISIS and they shot down that jet to get Russia in to a war thinking that NATO will back them.

Yes the Russian Jet was still in Syrian Air Space.

A War of words has started between the Russian and the Turks. Well it looks like the Turks are going to test the NATO reserve against the Russians.